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EDS Group defined the direction of its activities more than 20 years ago, and since then we have
no doubt about the correctness of the choice and the necessity of our mission.

What is most important to all of us? Of course, our home and what fills it with coziness, forms traditions and aesthetics. And we founded the company that helps to strengthen these traditions, produces goods for home and garden, the already recognizable and beloved tableware, as well as offers products from reputable manufacturers. The fact that such globally recognized brands as Lessner, Vincent, Wilmax, Astera, Milika, Bohemia, Luminarc, Simax, Arcoroc, Arcopal are among them confirms the trust of partners in EDS Group.

We value such trust, based on parity and honest cooperation, and this allows us to build capacity and offer exceptionally high-quality household goods and dishes.

Appreciating the customers’ time and creating a program of comfortable shopping, EDS Group took care of opening a single chain of stores “Dim Posudu” operating on the basis of franchising in more than 20 cities of Ukraine.

In addition, EDS Group maximally presents its products under its brand name only with trusted partners - in large retail chains, top online stores and in retail trade.

We care not only about the products, but also about their service support. This applies to one of the corporation business areas: being the official representatives of hand and power tools from the brands Proton, DWT, Crown, WorkPro, we have created the all-Ukrainian own and partner network of service centers.

Over the years, we have achieved the main thing: trust in the quality of our products and the recognizable popularity of our brand.

The history of EDS Group is a continuous process of new dates and new achievements. We are developing and growing!

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