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Luminarc: minimalist design and wide range

The Luminarc trademark is a part of the French corporation Arc International and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glassware.

Luminarc glass is widely recognized for its durability and strength. The pattern applied to the dishes and the pure shine of the glass remains throughout the entire period of operation. In the event of a break, the product fragments remain non-sharp, which guarantees additional safety, especially if there are children in your home.

One of the key strengths of the Luminarc brand is its wide range of products for a wide variety of purposes. Luminarc is not only about serving sets. These are dishes for baking, various bowls and salad bowls, containers for drinks, glasses and much more. Luminarc can be used to complete almost the entire kitchen.

Today TM Luminarc is one of the market leaders, and all thanks to the unique recognizable minimalist design, high quality products and democratic pricing policy.

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